​Digitalize your business by intelligent packaging solutions

Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent Packaging by Stora Enso reinforces packaging with connectivity tags, readers, smart phone applications and scalable cloud-based software solutions.

Connectivity is the key. The ‘internet for humans’ has been around for some two decades, and the new buzz phrase is the ‘internet of things’ whereby most of the world and everything in it will be online and connected. Stora Enso is on the frontlines in the field of intelligent packaging.

Our solutions help customers digitalize their business via packaging throughout the supply chain all the way from manufacturing to post-sales. The solutions always start with the needs of the customer and most customers only need help to address selected challenges. Each of our products answers to a specific set of needs and has its own business case.

Getting started is easy

​Schedule a meeting together with one of our experts. Together we will develop a proof of concept and an initial business case. Prior to deployment, the solution is carefully tested using your materials and evaluated at our Pack Performance Centre.

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