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Stora Enso's cigarette boards and papers are trusted materials for hard-pack and soft-pack solutions globally.

KopparTM by Stora Enso is a paperboard range created specifically for tobacco packaging and the high-speed packaging lines used in the industry. So, whether your brand is value, premium or somewhere in between, we've got the right board to position the brand:

  • Kopparpremium – Premium FBB with high whiteness and smoothness for demanding cigarette packaging end uses. Grammage 220 g/m2, thickness 340 μm.
  • Koppargloss – Fully coated FBB board with excellent bulk and stiffness. Grammage g/m2 / Thickness μm: 180/280, 200/320, 210/335, 220/350, 230/365.
  • Kopparbright N – Fully coated FBB board with high whiteness. Grammage g/m2 / Thickness μm: 195/210, 210/320, 220/335.
  • Kopparwhite – Fully coated FBB with high whiteness and coated reverse side. Grammage g/m2 / Thickness μm: 180/255, 200/295, 210/310, 220/325, 240/375.

The smoothness of these boards has been optimised to excel in gravure printing, the world’s most demanding printing technique. Thanks to the multilayer structure with CTMP (Chemi-Thermomechanical Pulp), the boards offer good stiffness, which contributes to excellent packaging performance and runnability on high-speed packaging lines. The product family includes both OBA and non-OBA qualities (Optical Brightening Agents), and boards with coated or uncoated reverse sides.

Stora Enso’s cigarette boards and papers are used for hard-pack and soft-pack markets globally. Our offering also covers Ensocoat L, which is an SBS board (Solid Bleached Sulphate), and FBB board (Folding Boxboard), as well as C1S label and wrapping papers. Just-in-time deliveries are secured by our three highly efficient board mills in Sweden and Finland.

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Meeting new demands

Light-weight materials and excellent runnability in high-speed packaging lines remain priorities in cigarette packaging. Customers are also increasingly interested in various finishing effects and fast-changing designs, which require excellent board quality that feels rigid and provides the desired print result. Aluminium, lamination, foiling and embossing are often used. Stora Enso’s wide range and R&D resources provide the right products and innovations to meet your particular demands.