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MFC - Micro Fibrillated Cellulose


Micro fibrillated cellulose is 100% renewable material based on cellulose fibres extracted from wood. The cellulose fibre consists of smaller particles called fibrils with the same basic chemistry as cellulose fibres. In packaging, MFC provides opportunities such as strength enhancement, light weighting, composites and renewable barrier solutions.

Board strength and light weighting

In Europe, there are various incentives and regulations to reduce the weight of packaging material. By using MFC, we enable lighter weight packaging while maintaining stiffness and internal strength. Today, selected commercial consumer board solutions benefit of using MFC.


Due to its exceptionally high strength properties and 100% renewable raw materials, MFC is designed to outperform current fossil-based materials, such as plastics, in a variety of applications. You can significantly increase the renewable content and replace plastics in composites by using MFC.

Barrier solutions

There is a big demand in the market for fossil-free materials for packaging. By tapping into MFC we are exploring barrier solutions for grease, mineral oil, aroma and oxygen, as well as biodegradable film as a replacement for aluminum in paperboard packaging.

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​With announced further investments Stora Enso will accelerate product development of new MFC applications, which will include 100% renewable and recyclable barrier layers. Get in contact with us to learn more. Just drop us an email to schedule a meeting together with one of our experts or call us to discuss how we can help you to enhance your business with renewable packaging.

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