MG Kraft

For high smoothness and gloss

MG Kraft

As an important link in your supply chain, we have taken a step toward fulfilling our mission of being the pre-eminent environmentally friendly paper producer and we are pleased to inform you that Stora Enso Poland has received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody Certification. The implemented system guarantees that our company and our customers control the origin of the wood used in the manufacturing of their own products throughout supply chain, eliminating wood that does not comply with FSC standards. By purchasing FSC-certified products, you help promote responsible forestry!

The paper is made in two versions: plain or ribbed, in natural or yellow colour, in reels or sheets. It is highly regarded and sought-after in many countries worldwide, including Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the Benelux countries. Demand for this high-quality natural product is also on the rise in Poland.

MG Kraft – machine-glazed paper, natural colour, made from virgin fibres:

Endura MG Kraft by Stora Enso – plain or ribbed

•  basis weight 32-100 gsm
•  direct contact with food allowed
•  option: wet strength, yellow colour

Endura Masking by Stora Enso

These papers may be used for gumming, PE coating, laminating and masking.

Endura Interleaving by Stora Enso

Steel plates, and particularly stainless plates of the highest quality, require special handling. To ensure that such a valuable product is not damaged during any stage of the production, transportation or storage process, the layers of individual sheets need to be separated with a special interleaf. This is extremely important as even a minor scratch resulting from two hard and porous surfaces touching each other can render the material unusable. Major producers of steel plates entrust the protection of their product to paper.

Endura Interleaving paper is equally thorough in terms of quality and purity. This product is designed to protect and cannot contain impurities such as clusters of fibres, grains of sand or wood splinters. Mechanical purity goes hand in hand with chemical purity, so as to ensure that no adverse reaction against steel occurs. Proper (neutral) pH and strength are key.

​The high technological requirements for Interleaving paper production were the main reason for the PM3 modernisation process carried out by Stora Enso Poland in 2006. During this process, a new headbox and basis weight profile control system were installed, the level of linting was decreased and the Yankee cylinder was polished. The modernisation effects achieved to date have been appreciated by our customers, which mainly comprise well-known global groups.