Offset printed packaging

For a superior consumer experience

Offset printed packaging

​​​​​Corrugated board is the packaging material of the future. It’s light, strong, durable, cost-efficient and flexible, all at the same time. And unlike other packaging materials, it’s not only recyclable but also completely renewable, since it’s based on wood fibre.

Offset-printed corrugated packaging is an excellent choice for packing consumer goods. It is a highly versatile material that is easy to modify according to changing needs of the packing process, supply chain and brand communication requirements. The excellent strength and protective properties of corrugated board will help to minimise the amount of packaging material needed to protect your valuable products.

Thanks to an excellent image quality, offset-printed corrugated packaging offers a powerful brand communication tool for pre-sale as well as post-sale purposes. With fast, simple and cost-efficient pre-production processes, it is an ideal choice for marketing-related campaigns. Combined with our many smart packaging features, the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing the consumer​ experience.

Typical applications:
•Consumer packaging
•Shelf-ready packaging
•Food packaging
•Non-food packaging
•Campaign-related packaging

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