Functionality and economy

Optima sack kraft paper

​​​​​​Although paper sacks production seemingly belongs to a very traditional segment, it is continually developing. Movement towards minimizing paper usage in sack production and at the same time maximizing sack lines’ speed is a reaction to challenges coming from the market and environmental safety reasons. As a result, the challenge that paper manufacturers are facing is constantly growing. Stronger paper is achieved by applying micro-creping technology as well as proper mechanical and chemical treatment of 100% virgin fibres. This makes it possible to lower paper weight and consequently, to reduce the number of plies in sacks. Several years ago 6 plies were used, while now as many as 2 plies are optimal for most applications.

However, high paper strength is not everything. Modern sack lines’ production speed often exceeds 300 pcs/min, which places special demand on paper convertibility. Paper web converted on super fast machinery must be uniform so as to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Uniformity is achieved by means of an advanced system controlling basis weight, moisture and thickness profile throughout the manufacturing process.

Discover the advantages of Optima

•  consistent moisture and basis weight
•  improved convertibility
•  high strength parameters
•  high production efficiency on sack lines
•  decrease of rejects
•  in effect: better performance

Spring Formula - paper for mattress springs wrapping

Even though until recently foil was generally used to roll mattress springs in, the advantages of paper together with the cost benefits of using it pushed Spring Formula to the forefront in this range of materials. This paper is air-pervious, which allows springs to dry faster. Moreover, it does not deform, allowing the springs to keep their shape. And this is not to mention the obvious environmental pros of using paper compared to using foil.

This extremely strong paper has an important role to play: it must hold rolled mattress springs, the so-called bonell springs, in reams, making it easier for producers to store and transport them. Thus this paper must be resistant to both stretching and rupture. Spring Formula, kraft paper of 155 gsm, is just the paper.

Spring Formula is produced in Stora Enso Poland on PM1 (regularly producing sack paper), as the paper produced on this machine fulfills the high resistance and tensile strength parameters of this demanding application. This paper is one of the strongest in the world, and there are only a few producers in Europe.