Printability and Performance


Performa boards are widely used in folding cartons for chocolate, confectioneries, food, pharmaceuticals and elegance care. Performa combines excellent print results with packaging performance. Thanks to their purity and taint and odour neutrality, Performa boards are perfect for packaging taint and odour-sensitive products. While enabling first-class print and conversion performance, Performa also allows you to use your full creativity when it comes to special effects and demanding designs. All these boards are also suitable for laser coding or even inkjet coding, as well as Braille embossing on pharmaceutical packages.

Performa Alto

Performa Alto is a graceful, high-whiteness and high-smoothness board with coating on the reverse side, offering a premium print result that meets the demands of luxury packaging. Whether you pack cosmetics, perfumes or jewellery, Performa Alto is the right choice for such elegance care products.

Performa Bright

Performa Bright combines versatility with high-quality visual distinction. As a taint and odour- neutral board, Performa Bright is perfect for packaging sensitive confectioneries, chocolate and sweets. The white, uncoated reverse side of the board also makes it attractive for premium brands.

Performa White

Performa White is an aesthetically appealing board that combines performance with a beautiful white appearance. This board is ideal for chocolate, confectionery and cosmetic packaging as well as graphical end uses, including the most demanding finishing effects. The board has a coating on the reverse side.

Performa Cream

Performa Cream brings a special flavour to your choice of board material. It is primarily used for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, chocolate and confectioneries. Like all members of the Performa range, Performa Cream has a technically advanced structure for material efficiency, toughness, bulk and runnability. Cream refers to the shade of the board’s reverse side.

Performa White, Performa Bright and Performa Cream are available with the EU Ecolabel Certificate, which confirms that the boards fulfil the European Commission’s ecological criteria for copying and graphic paper. The ecolabel is only available for graphical end uses at extra charge.

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Are you looking for barrier coated board or linen textured board? Contact us for further information on various options. Stora Enso’s wide range of barrier coatings complies with the requirements of various confectionery, chocolate and food packaging applications and offers new opportunities to create functional pharmaceutical packaging solutions. Barrier-coated materials offer viable alternatives to traditional packaging materials. Don’t miss the chance to discover whether we could make your package more innovative, sustainable and safe.