Performa Brilliance

FBB with the most superior whiteness

Performa Brilliance

Performa Brilliance is a newcomer in our Performa product family. It is the best ever GC1 board we have created, driven by the demands of the market for a product that sets new standards for visuals, printablity and runnability.

The key characteristics of Performa Brilliance include high brightness, excellent smoothness and great visual appearance. The board offers the most superior whiteness in the FBB market on both top and reverse side. Different from our other Performa boards, the recipe of Performa Brilliance contains birch-fibre-based CTMP (chemi-thermomechanical pulp), which enhances the board's visual properties without compromising its packaging performance.

Performa Brilliance has been specially designed for advanced graphical and high-end packaging applications. It is ideal for folding cartons for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and luxury packaging. The quality and versatility of Performa Brilliance makes it attractive for premium brands. And of course it is just brilliant for any graphical applications such as book covers, greeting cards, folders, tickets and tags.

Performa Brilliance is available with the FSC®, PEFC ™and EU Ecolabel certificates.  The EU Ecolabel confirms that the board fulfils the European Commission's ecological criteria for copying and graphic paper and is therefore only available for graphical end uses at extra charge.

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Express Delivery Promise

​To meet your needs for urgent deliveries, we provide a unique service offer with Performa Brilliance. Our Express Delivery Promise™ guarantees delivery in 5 working days – risk-free with a money-back guarantee. The service is subject to availability, and regional restrictions apply. General Trade Rules for Sales of Paper and Paperboard (GTR) are applied. The money-back guarantee is valid only for the surcharge.