Performa Natura

Performance for Food and Pharma

Performa Natura

​Performa Natura board is used in pharmaceutical and food packaging, often with a suitable barrier coating that provides protection against moisture, grease or oxygen, depending on the specific requirements of the product you want to pack.

In food packaging, Performa Natura board is used, for example, for biscuits and baked goods, chocolate and sweets, dry foods and ice cream. You can also use Performa Natura for pharmaceutical packaging, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Like all our Performa boards, Performa Natura features a technically advanced structure for material efficiency, toughness, bulk and runnability. Performa Natura has a white uncoated reverse side and is OBA-free (contains no Optical Brightening Additives).

Creating functional solutions

Rethink your packaging with us. Stora Ensos wide range of barrier coating options complies with the requirements of various confectionery, chocolate and food packaging applications and offers new opportunities to create functional packaging solutions. Barrier-coated materials offer viable alternatives to traditional packaging materials. Dont miss the chance to discover whether we could make your package more innovative, sustainable and safe.