For Utmost Purity


Packaging for liquids serves three important functions. First, it must keep the contents fresh and hygienic, unchanged and untainted for their entire lifetime. Secondly, the package must be attractive and functional, extend the brand, and boost sales. Finally, each solution must comply with the best environmental practices of reduction, recovery and recycling, thus promoting the use of renewable energy and raw materials. When these demands exceed the standard high level, Prime comes in.

Stora Enso Prime has been specially developed to meet preferences in certain markets for liquid packaging board. Its stable, high quality is enhanced by the structure that is entirely based on solid bleached sulphate pulp (SBS). Just like our other liquid packaging board qualities, it also has an exceptionally high standard of odour and taint neutrality, which makes it especially suitable for packaging sensitive food products.

Our boards are made of pure primary fibre produced in a strictly controlled production environment. We have certified product and hygiene management systems at our production sites. We also have an extensive range of barrier-coating options to offer with Prime.

Let us Help You

Choosing the optimal barrier

Stora Enso produces a wide selection of board and paper for food service and packaging food and beverages. We provide the largest variety of polymer coatings, including PE, biopolymer, high-barrier and heat-resistant coatings. The right combination depends on the product and its use. If you are unsure about which alternative to choose, contact our sales representative, who will be happy to help you.