Well-suited for Food and Pharma


​Tamfold offers excellent value, runnability and performance in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging and chocolate packaging. Tamfold also is also particularly well suited for food service, such as clamshells used for fast food packaging, since there is no added OBA (Optical Brightening Agents). Tamfold is often chosen for pharmaceutical packaging due to its quality consistency and value for money.

The continuous product development of Tamfold has resulted in excellent stiffness and bulk attributes, and the board also has a good visual appearance and performs well in printing and converting processes including digital printing. In addition, both laser and inkjet coding can be used, as well as Braille embossing and other special finishing effects. Tamfold is also used for folding cartons for chocolate and confectioneries.

Thanks to recent product development, Tamfold is now an even more efficient and environmentally friendly choice than ever before.

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Are you looking for barrier coated board or linen textured board? Contact us for further information on various options. Stora Enso’s wide range of barrier coatings complies with the requirements of various confectionery, chocolate and food packaging applications and offers new opportunities to create functional pharmaceutical packaging solutions. Barrier-coated materials offer viable alternatives to traditional packaging materials. Don’t miss the chance to discover whether we could make your package more innovative, sustainable and safe.