Folded and pressed trays for convenience and performance


​Trayforma boards are pure and safe food packaging materials with exceptional formability and printability. Trayforma offers an excellent combination of design, protection and user convenience, from freezer to oven to table. Trayforma boards are easily convertible and extremely stable, offering many opportunities for shelf differentiation. Specially developed for use as pressed or folded trays, bowls and plates, Trayforma board can also be pressed into multi-compartment trays ideal for a wide selection of convenience foods.

Trayforma PET stands heating

Trayforma offers material options that have been developed to warm up or heat prepared and semi-prepared foods in their original packaging, in either a microwave or conventional oven. This dual ovenability is a convenience that is highly appreciated by time-pressured consumers. To enable use in high temperatures, the board is coated with black or white PET which provides a high degree of protection from humidity, oxygen and grease, as well as good heat resistance. The food side of the packaging, coated with white PET, will remain pure white even when exposed to high temperatures.

Trayforma Special

The pigment-coated Trayforma Special, for lids and folded trays, features increased stiffness and runnability. The wide printable area of a folded tray offers a wealth of opportunities for graphic designers to exercise their creative talents. Great design, combined with the superb print results that Trayforma Special delivers, enhances the visibility and on-shelf differentiation of branded products. Trayforma Special is also an ideal choice for pre-cut lids, allowing for a wide variety of packaging and design combinations.

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Choosing the optimal barrier

Stora Enso produces a wide selection of board and paper for food service and packaging food and beverages. We provide the largest variety of polymer coatings, including PE, biopolymer, high-barrier and heat-resistant coatings. The right combination depends on the product and its use. If you are unsure about which alternative to choose, contact our sales representative, who will be happy to help you.